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Shipping Policy

Shipping policy


Turnaround times (TAT) is the time it will take for your order to ship out, not the time in which you will receive your order.

Shipping time for First Class Mail is 2-5 business days, Priority Mail is 1-3 business days, and Priority Express is 1-2 business days. This is the time it should take once your order is out of pre-shipment and has been shipped. 

Preorder shipping will take between 2-4 weeks. Preorder info is usually listed in the product description and talked about before hand.

Please remember that weather and certain holidays can affect the status of your order. 

Regarding current USPS shipping delays due to COVID19: Keep in mind that USPS is also experiencing their own delays. If you are unaware of what's going on with the USPS, please Google and take action.


Oh no! I've done that before too. Unfortunately, once an item is marked shipped and leaves our hands, that means the label for the address input at checkout has been purchased already and is on its way to the post office, and we’re not able to recover it. 

The next step you can take is to contact your local post office or visit their website to see if a package intercept is possible. Take your tracking number located on your receipt you were emailed after purchase and contact the USPS immediately. Please keep in mind that we are not affiliated with the USPS in any way and can find out no more information for you than what is shown on your tracking information.


Gosh, I am so sorry! I understand how frustrating that can be. Once the item has been processed and leaves our hands, it is at the mercy of the mail carrier. Please remember that weather and certain holidays can affect the status of your order. 

We would suggest contacting USPS with the tracking label on your receipt so that they can help rectify the situation if necessary. We are not responsible for contacting USPS regarding your order.

Understand that I will issue a refund (not a replacement because we cannot guarantee stock of an item) only after the tracking hasn’t been updated for 21 days straight or if your item is not received within 30 business days of it marked shipped, whichever comes first.


(including mail that has been marked delivered but not in mail box)

Ultimately, I am unfortunately not responsible for mail that has been marked as delivered but may be lost or has been stolen. I cannot refund or replace items that have been marked as delivered by the mail carrier.

You would have to rectify this with the mail carrier by contacting them directly. 

Alternatively, if this is a concern of yours and/or has happened to you in the past please upgrade your shipping to include insurance on your order.